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NEW Propane Saver Program Announced!

Want to LOCK IN your propane prices for this heating season?

When you buy from your local propane companies directly, you just can't get that kind of agreement. With Propane Club of America on your side? It's a whole different story! Because of our large area and buying power, we can guarantee the best prices across North Carolina!

If you're interested in the Propane Saver plan, contact us today! The average homeowner can save HUNDREDS if not even a thousand or more this year! For commercial customers? Savings are even more! Don't GUESS what you'll pay this year!

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I Want to LOCK IN My Propane Prices!

At the Propane Club of America, we offer a number of different services to both our Residential, commercial Members and Discounted Memberships all receive the same great services, prices and other benefits of being a PCOA Member

Propane Club of America specializes in helping individuals, families and businesses save money on their propane fuel costs. We do this by negotiating with propane companies to get our Members the best propane prices.

The Propane Club of America works directly with a number of the largest propane companies in the country, as well as many local companies, to get our Members the best possible propane prices. So if you want to save money on your propane bill...

Many Americans are overpaying for propane fuel every year. This is due to the fact that the propane industry is unregulated, and most consumers do not know how to negotiate a fair price for their fuel. Propane Club of America knows the propane market and uses its buying leverage to get you the best price for your propane.


You don’t have to worry about calling the propane company, talking to a representative and then HOPING you will get a good price. As a Member of Propane Club of America, you KNOW you will get a good price! We offer three convenient options for our club members. Take a look at our Membership Plans to see which package makes the most sense for you.